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Cuco Track Club represents at the Coach Miami Need for Speed at Terry Parker High School

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

April 16th 2022 Cuco Track Club took 12 runners and competed at the Coach Miami Need for Speed. Preciana Thomas increased her p.r in the 400 from 1:10 to a new 1:05. Kyrie Miller continues to dominate the 9u turbo javelin throwing over 21 meters. Wynter Green capped triple jump with a jump of 9.57 meters while Kristyona Harris capped long jump with a jump of 4.57 meters. Sineka Miller debut in 7-8 boys long jump earned him 3rd place. Michael Clayton pulled off a personal record in the 400m 1:26 after coming right off the 1500. Zyrell Arnold and Conner Saslona took the day going 1st and 2nd in the boys 13-14 shot put, javelin and racewalk. Newcomer Angel Louise made her debut with stellar performances in the 100m 15.5 200m and the 400m 1:20 girls 9-10 age group. Jaylen Wilson made another successful appearance taking boys 11-12 shot put/javelin and 1500m racewalk. Hunter Green placed 3rd in the long jump and took gold in the boys 9-10 1500m run. Tori Miller increased her p.r in the girls shot Om put throwing 7.84 meters and placing second behind team mate in the girls 11-12 shot put and also taking gold in the girls 11-12 javelin. Neal Carson increase his p.r in the boys 1500 to 6:16 and had another brilliant performance in the boys racewalk. Matt Clayton had great performances in the boys 100m, long jump and the 400m run. Josh Mclellan punished the track taking 1st in the 1500m, 2nd in the 800m and 2nd in the 400m.

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