Preseason Training is FREE for returning runners and for our spring season New runners


Our pre season/conditioning program starts December 1st until January 15th it is a 6 week program geared towards getting 5th-12th graders ready for the upcoming outdoor track season. We focus on general strength and conditioning, sprint drills, sprint form and mechanics, speed sessions, middle to long distance track workouts, resistance training, beach training, hill training. 



5th Grade & Up Only

Registration Currently Open! 

Practice Starts December 1st

Practice Ends January 15th


$199.00 Registration Fees Paid in Full.



 *You May break up fee into 2 payments if needed, but balance must be paid prior to start date. 


*You do not have to compete in any meets


This program is for Strength & Conditioning for Track & Field Student/Athletes. This training is free for prior season runners


Strength workouts include Weights, Strength, Resistance, Power, Explosiveness, Flexibility & Injury Prevention.


Running workouts focus on conditioning, endurance & speed acceleration. 


Training Environment:


-Circuit Training


-Sand Work

-Track Workouts 


3 Days a Week

Wednesday, Friday & Sundays 












Sunday’s (Typically In the Afternoon 3:00PM) 



Running Portion takes place at

Mayport Middle School

2600 mayport rd

Mayport, Fl 32233


*Also at various Duval County Parks. and the  local beaches Depending on the workout for the day! 


Omar Green


Pre Season Training

  • Pre Season Training

    12 week program for 5th-12th graders Starts Dec. 1st- Jan.15
    • Sprint and Running Drills
    • Endurance Training
    • Plyometrics Training
    • Core and Strength Training
    • Acceleration and Take off training
    • Sprint form and mechanics
    • Track Workouts
    • Beach Workouts